Ultimate List of Hiking Safety Resources

Are you the adventurous type? Would you spend your weekends and holidays rather outdoors than in a fancy five-star hotel? Do you simply adore the smell of the woods and the silence of mountain tops? If this sums you up, you must love hiking. But it also means that you’re most likely putting yourself at risks you might not even be aware of.

Because we know prevention is better than cure, we have collected the most useful safety resources so you can inform yourself and make sure you know how to prepare before a hiking trip, how to avoid risks and what to do if you stumble upon an unexpected and potentially dangerous situation. Simply use the filters below to choose the type of resource you’d like.

We wish you happy hiking – but most importantly: stay safe out there!
By Buyrope

Using the filters, you can simply choose the type of resource you are interested in, and depending on your choice, a range of useful videos, checklists, posters, safety tips for hiking with kids and courses will come up.