Decking Rope

Decking rope cut to the exact length you need.  Available from 18mm through to 60mm diameter.  The most popular and long-lasting option for outdoor use is Synthetic Hemp.

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Synthetic hemp is the most popular option due to its ability to keep its shape in all weather conditions as well as its natural/soft look and feel


Installation Options: One Continuous Length

Use the fittings below if you intend on attaching one long length to your posts.

Option Explanation

Centre Bracket

The Centre Bracket screws onto the side of the post. Allowing you to thread the rope through the loop.

Posts with holes (not stocked)

Decking posts will have holes pre-made for you. Thread the decking rope through the holes provided.

We suggest using synthetic hemp for this application as natural fibers will rot inside the post holes.

IMPORTANT: The diameter is always measured under tension so ropes will be thicker when relaxed. 

Please allow ±4mm for synthetic ropes and ±6mm for natural ones. 

We advise waiting for the rope to arrive before choosing a post with pre-drilled holes to make sure it fits.

Installation Options: Multiple Short Lengths

Use the fittings below if you intend to attach multiple lengths between your posts

Option Explanation

Decking Plate & Hook End

The Decking Plate screws onto the side of the post and the Hook End latches onto the plate allowing you to detach if required.

The rope attaches to the Hook End by threading a central screw

Cup Ends

The Cup End screws onto the side of the post. The rope attaches to the cup end with a central screw.

Measuring Instructions

Use the following instructions to measure exactly how much decking rope you need before placing your order.

Step 1) Tape string between the posts. Add slack if you would like to include a decorative droop
Step 2) Lay the string on the floor then use a measuring tape to record the length