Natural Hemp Decking Rope

Follow the steps below to build natural Hemp decking rope to the exact size you need.

For a longer-lasting outdoor rope see synthetic hemp rope

  • 100% natural hemp (made in Europe)
  • From £0.48 per meter

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Natural Hemp Rope Overview


Installation Instructions

Rope Length Installation Options
One Continuous length

Centre Bracket

The centre bracket screws onto the side of the post. This allows you to thread the rope through the loop.

  • PRO: rope won’t rot in the fitting
  • CON: additional cost and time to install
One Continuous length

Posts with holes 

Decking posts will have holes pre-made for you.  Simply thread the rope through the holes provided.

  • PRO: quick to install
  • CON: the rope can rot inside the post
Multiple Short Lengths

Decking Plate & Hook End

The Decking Plate screws onto the side of the post. 

The Hook Eye attaches to the end of the rope by threading a central screw through the rope.

The Hook Eye will latch onto the Decking Plate

  • PRO: rope can be unattached
  • CON: additional cost and time to install
Multiple Short Lengths

Cup Ends

The cup ends screws onto the side of the post. The rope attaches to the cup end with a central screw


Measuring Instructions

Step 1) 
Step 2)


Natural vs. Synthetic Rope 

Pros & Cons Natural Hemp Synthetic Hemp

Biodegradable – leaves no unwanted footprint behind

Great looking, traditional rope

Holds knots well

Natural resistance to UV degradation – great for sunnier climates

Natural looking but with benefits of synthetic properties

Is weather resistant

On average, will last longer outside than natural fibre

Holds knots well


Susceptible to water, rot and mildew

Will shrink when wet, and lengthen when dry, making it slightly trickier to install

Diameter may vary slightly from that stated

More susceptible to UV degradation and will eventually flake


Installing Natural Decking Rope – Handy Hints!

  • Consider pre-soaking in water for a few hours, before installation. Natural ropes shrink when wet, then revert back to their original length when dry. This shrinkage can pull on the posts. Pre-soaking will help you take this into account before fixing into position.


  • Applying Linseed Oil may help to offer some water resistance. However, check for linseed oil that also offers resistance to mildew. 


  • Do not drill any holes until you have received the rope – as diameters may differ slightly from those stated.