100% Natural Rope

Environmentally friendly, traditional fibre rope is often used for decorative and craft applications. They are more pleasant to handle than synthetic ropes and will biodegrade.  

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Natural Rope FAQ

Does it have a strong smell?
The strength of smell varies across different types of material.  The smell can come from the natural material or the substance used to finish/treat the material. 

  • Natural hemp has a strong grassy smell which can be offputting to some people whilst other people really enjoy it.   
  • Manila has a faint earthy smell which is only detectable when holding it close to your nose.  It is treated with a natural oil mix which can smell chemically when newly manufactured but fades within a few months to become undetectable
  • Sisal has a faint grassy smell which is also only detectable when holding it close to your nose.  It is treated with vegetable oil which is undetectable.
  • Jute and Cotton are not treated and have a neutral smell


Can I use it for gift tags and other types of handicrafts?
Yes, 4mm and 6mm natural ropes are often used for making gift tags.  All natural ropes handle very well due to fibers that allow better grip and strong knotting ability.  

Can they be used for binding meat?
Yes.  All of the ropes are 100% natural with natural treatments so they are safe to use for use around food.