Jute Rope

Commonly used in gardening, tying and bundling, handicraft and decorative projects.   Jute is softer, less coarse, and more flexible than natural Sisal and Manila.

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Jute Technical Details

Diameter / Weight 

Diameter Weight per 220m (kg)
6mm 5
8mm 10
10mm 15
12mm 23
14mm 32
16mm 42


Resistance  Description
UV resistance  Good
Abrasion resistance  Poor
Rot and mould No
Heat Natural heat resistant properties 


Properties Description
Construction Twisted 4-strand natural fibre. Constructed from long, soft, shiny vegetable fibres spun into course, strong threads. Jute is a shrub from the family Malvaceae
Material Natural Jute with Synthetic Core
Appearance  Sandy brown. Organic, traditional look
Feel Soft to touch. Not course or fibrous. Fuzzy, hairy surface
Handling  Supple & flexible. Softer than Hemp. Fibres will also soften and wear further over time. May dry hands out with prolonged use
Strength (dry)

Breaking strength is approx 20% lower than Manila. Not used for lifting. Suitable if strength is not the primary requirement

Stretch (elasticity) Low
Performance in water Sinks, absorbs water and will weaken when wet
Biodegradable  Yes
Storage Dry only environments
Knot retention Very good
Can be dyed? Yes, a wide range of colours using fabric dye
Additional treatment Can be treated with mineral oil to keep flexible and preserve lifespan

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