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  1. Thelma Davison 09/05/2024

    I bought a thicker than the usual washing lines as I was fed up with pegs not holding my washing securely. This line is much better my washing stays put. Just the job.

    • Joy 09/05/2024
      Staff Member

      Hi Thelma,

      Thanks a lot for taking the time to leave a review!

      We’re delighted to hear that the thicker washing line you decided to purchase was the right choice for your home and now your washing stays put!

      Wishing you a lovely rest of your day. 🙂

      Kind regards,


  2. Robbie Smith 26/04/2024

    Fast and efficient service and a speedy delivery. Will use again 👍

    • Erno 29/04/2024
      Staff Member

      Hi Robbie,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      We’re delighted to hear you were satisfied with our service and delivery.

      We look forward to serving you again soon! 😊

      Kind regards,


  3. m.avery4 13/04/2024

    I purchased 220 metres white nylon rope to use for my anchoring and the alderney method of retreval. This is perfect and was a very reasonable price compared to a shop direct. quick delivery too.

    • Joy 15/04/2024
      Staff Member

      Hi Matt,

      Glad to hear you found our nylon rope suitable to use with the Alderney method – this material is one of our strongest options so it is indeed suited to such purposes.

      Wishing you a lovely week ahead!

      Kind regards,


  4. Ryan Passmore 08/04/2024

    Thank you for the rope! All great quality and cut to the right size

    • Erno 08/04/2024
      Staff Member

      Hi Ryan,

      We’re delighted to hear that you’re satisfied with the quality and size of the rope. If you ever need more or have any other requirements for rope, feel free to reach out.

      We hope you’ll enjoy your rope for a long time!

      Kind regards,


  5. martyn 08/03/2024

    Excellent service. Very happy with the product, delivered in good time and exactly as specified. Thank you.

    • Joy 08/03/2024
      Staff Member

      Hi Martyn,

      Thank YOU for the kind review!

      We’re delighted to hear you’re happy with our service and product. 🙂

      Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead,


  6. David Whillis 23/02/2024

    I am pleased with my rope, purchased for a decorative feature (handrail down steps) in the garden. It splices well and looks lovely. I haven’t cut it, but it is synthertic so I don’t envisage a problem here. Note that you receive a chunkier rope than you think you’re getting: my ’20mm’ rope required a 26mm drill bit to drill the holes in the posts. Nothing wrong with that, mind.

    • Erno 23/02/2024
      Staff Member

      Hi David,

      Many thanks for the kind words and happy to hear that you find it easy to splice and that you are satisfied with its look.

      Yes, ropes are usually measured while tensioned so they tend to expand when in relaxed position and thus seem thicker than the actual diameter.

      We’re glad however that this was not a problem for you.

      Hope you’ll enjoy your handrail rope for a long time.

      Kind regards,


  7. Douglas McMillan 19/02/2024

    Rope arrived really fast and just the job.
    Love it is British and not from the far East

    • Erno 20/02/2024
      Staff Member

      Hi Douglas,

      Happy to hear that the ropes arrived swiftly and proved to be exactly what you were looking for.

      We are proud to support British-made ropes as they are of very good quality and we’re delighted that you also appreciate us using locally manufactured rope.

      Hopefully you’ll be using your nylon ropes for a really long time!

      Kind regards,


  8. Andy 18/02/2024

    Great fast service. Yet to be installed but looks great.

    • Joy 19/02/2024
      Staff Member

      Hi Andy,

      Glad to hear you’re happy with our service and delivery leadtime. 🙂

      We’d love to see the rope installed in case you’d like to share a photo of the end result!

      Wishing you a lovely week ahead and please don’t hesitate to get in touch further in case you need any advice for your project.

      Kind regards,


  9. Adrian 21/01/2024

    Good service and very good price and very fast delivery

    • Erno 22/01/2024
      Staff Member

      Hi Adrian,

      Glad to hear that you’ve recieved your anchor rope in time.

      We are happy that you are satisfied with our price and overall service.

      Hope you’ll be shopping with us more in the future.

      Kind regards,


  10. Sandra Buchan 15/01/2024

    The whole process of purchasing the rope of my choice was fantastically smooth. The rope was delivered exactly on time and is just perfect for my purpose.

    • Joy 15/01/2024
      Staff Member

      Hi Sandra,

      Glad to hear about your positive purchasing experience, it’s reassuring to know that everything went smooth with your order!

      We’d love to see how you’re using our rope in case you’d like to share it with us.

      Wishing you all the best. 🙂


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