Polyethylene Rope

Polyethylene rope is suitable for a variety of outdoor and marine applications where high breaking strain is not required.

Commonly used in fishing, sailing, gardening, camping and construction, and is also used to make pet leads. Sold by the coil.

Key properties at a glance:

  • Abrasion, UV, rot and water resistant
  • Retains shape when wet
  • No loss of strength when wet
  • Floats and does not absorb water
  • Good shock absorbency
  • Made in Europe

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  • £455.99 inc. VAT
    Diameter : 24mm
    Length : 220m Coil
    Break load : 5996 KG
    Material : Polyethylene
    Construction : Twisted 3 strand
    Colour : Orange
    Stretch : Low elasticity
    Abrasion resistance : Good
    UV Resistance : Moderate
    Melting Point : 140C
    Rot Resistant : Yes
    Density : 0.95
    Quality Standard : ISO 9002

Polyethylene Rope Technical Details

Diameter / Weight / Break load 

Diameter Weight per 220m (kg) Break load (kg)*
8mm 6.5 725
10mm 10.9 1,111
12mm 15.5 1,581
14mm 19.5 2,132
16mm 27 2,753
18mm 33.8 3,447
20mm 41 4,211
22mm 49.8 5,078
24mm 58.8 5,996
28mm 79.2 8,076
32mm 102 10,401
36mm 128 13,052

*Break load for indication purposes only. Not test certified. Break loads will also lower as a result of splicing and knotting.


Resistance  Description
UV resistance  Moderate
Abrasion resistance  Good 
Rot and mould Yes
Chemical Resistant to most acids, alkalis and oils


Properties Description
Construction Twisted 3-strand, monofilament construction
Material Synthetic 
Quality certified  ISO 9002
Appearance  Bright orange. Smooth, synthetic with shine
Feel Hard, smooth, slippy surface
Handling  Lightweight & flexible. Heavier than Polyprop
Density 0.95
Strength (dry) Moderate. Not for jobs requiring high breaking strain. Weaker than Polyprop 
Strength (wet) Same as when dry. No loss of strength
Shock absorbency Moderate
Elongation at break load Low
Stretch (elasticity) Low
Performance in water Floats. Does not absorb water. Does not weaken or change shape
Melting point 140°C 
Electrical conductivity Poor
Biodegradable  No
Storage Wet or dry environments
Knot retention Moderate
Can be spliced? Yes – easily