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Marine and Boat Rope

Marine and boat ropes available in custom lengths and 220 coils, all resistant to rot, UV and abrasion, making them ideal for outdoor use. Materials include Nylon, Polysteel and Polypropylene; all of which are traditionally favoured for marine purposes for their strength and resistance. High break loads of 604kg – 24,480kg with a variety of colours and diameters.  

Key Info

  • 3 and 8 strand construction for added strength
  • Synthetic materials, water, UV and rot resistant
  • High break loads, reaching 24,480kg
  • Available in custom lengths to suit your needs


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Product Technical Details 

  • Diameter: 6mm – 48mm
  • Length: Custom – 220m coil
  • Weight per 220m: 2.9kg – 99kg
  • Breakload: 604kg – 24,480kg
  • Material: Nylon, Polysteel, Polypropylene
  • Construction: Twisted 3 strand, Platted 8 strand
  • Colour: White, Yellow w/ red flecks, White w/ red flecks, Green w/ red flecks, Blue
  • Stretch: Low – High elasticity
  • Abrasion Resistance: Moderate – High
  • UV Resistant: Moderate – High
  • Melting Point: 165° – 215°
  • Rot Resistant: Yes
  • Density: 0.91 – 1.14



Does marine rope float?
Yes. Most of the materials used to make our marine rope will float. Polysteel, for example, was originally made for commercial fishing and has similar traits to polypropylene as it floats. However, polysteel is stronger and has a higher UV and abrasion resistance.

Is the product easy to cut and splice?
Yes. If you are experienced in rope splicing, you will find our marine ropes easy to handle. If you are not, then there are a number of detailed guides and instruction videos available online, such as; for 3-strand, and for 8-strand. Do bare in mind, however, that we offer our marine ropes in custom lengths, meaning you can order exactly how much you need. If you are planning to eye-splice your rope, be sure to order a slight excess of a metre.

Is this product suitable for long-term outdoor use?
Yes. The materials used in making our marine ropes are suitable for outdoor use. Both the polysteel and polypropylene options have high abrasion, UV and rot resistance in comparison to Nylon, however, they do not share the same elasticity. Nylon, being one of the strongest rope materials on the market, is favoured for heavy load and shock bearing due to its elasticity and memory.


Common uses

  • Mooring
  • Anchoring
  • Docking
  • Safety rope
  • Marker rope
  • Barrier rope
  • Throw line
  • Rescue line
  • Guide rope
  • Winch line
  • Halyard
  • Reef line
  • Pulling
  • Working line
  • Control line



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