Floating Rope

All of the ropes on this page will float in water and will not lose strength when wet.  Often used as swimming lane dividers, mooring lines and safety lines. All floating ropes are customisable on the Rope Splice page.


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Floating Rope FAQ

Which is the best option for a mooring line?

Polypropylene tends to be the most popular choice because it is cheap relative to most other rope materials.  Staplespun is made from polypropylene fibers giving it a textured finish and allowing for a better grip which is useful when pulling on the line.  Nylon and Polyester are also popular options but they both sink in water.

For more information visit the Mooring Rope category

Which is the strongest floating rope?

Polysteel is manufactured with a superior break load compared to the rest of the options.  Staplespun and Polypropylene are also strong options with the added benefit of being cheaper in comparison.  All types are breakload tested and certified by our suppliers to ensure the breakloads advertised on the website are accurate.

The thicker the diameter of the rope the greater the breakload.  For example 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm will have a lower breakload compared with 20mm, 24mm and 28mm

What type does not float?

All options that are made of natural fibers will sink. The fibers will absorb water and even moisture in the air.  The water will make the fibers swell and shorten up to 15%.  It will also reduce the strength.  This is one of the main reasons why synthetic fiber is still very popular today even though they are less environmentally friendly.