Polysteel Rope

Polysteel Rope in a range of thicknesses including 12mm Polysteel rope.

Especially ideal for agricultural and marine applications including mooring pendants, lines, fishing nets, potting rope and towing.

Polysteel rope specs indicate that it is tough, durable and considerably stronger than conventional Polypropylene & Polyethylene.

Available in white with red fleck Polysteel and green with red fleck Polysteel. 

Key properties at a glance: 

  • Excellent UV and abrasion resistance
  • Rot, mildew & water resistant
  • 40% stronger than standard Polypropylene
  • Lightweight, tough & durable
  • Floats and does not absorb water
  • No loss of strength when wet
  • Made in Europe

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Polysteel Rope Technical Details

Diameter / Weight / Break load – Green/Red & Floaty (White/Red)


Weight p/220m (kg)


Break load (kg)*


Weight p/220m (kg)

Floaty White/Red

Break load (kg)*

Floaty White/Red

6mm 3.6 690
8mm 6.1 1,193
10mm 9.5 1,836 10 1,836
12mm 14 2,591 14.5 2,591
14mm 18.5 3,468 19.5 3,468
16mm 25 4,437 26 4,437
18mm 31 5,559
20mm 38 6,752
22mm 46 8,068
24mm 55 9,466
28mm 75 12,546
32mm 97 16,014
36mm 124 19,788
40mm 152 23,868

48mm (twisted 8 strand)

218 39,270

*Break load for indication purposes only. Not test certified. Break loads will also lower as a result of splicing and knotting. 


Resistance  Description
UV resistance  High 
Abrasion resistance  High 
Rot and mould Yes
Chemical Resistant to most acids and alkalis


Properties Description
Construction Twisted 3-strand. Manufactured from extruded filaments
Material Synthetic 
Quality certified  ISO 9002
Appearance  Green or white with red flecks. High visibility and synthetic appearance
Feel Hard, smooth, slippy surface
Handling  Lightweight (lighter than Nylon) & superior handling. Softens with use
Density 0.94
Strength (dry) Excellent tensile strength. Approx. 40% stronger than Polypropylene rope
Strength (wet) Same as when dry. No loss of strength
Shock absorbency High: excellent
Elongation at break load Low
Stretch (elasticity) Low
Creep Susceptible to creep over time
Performance in water Floats. Does not absorb water. No weakening
Melting point 85°C 
Biodegradable  No
Storage Wet or dry environments
Can be spliced? Yes – easily

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