Cotton Rope

Cotton rope is very soft to touch, lightweight and easy to handle.

It responds well to dye, and is widely used for decorative and handicraft applications.

It has a very low tensile strength and is ideal for light load applications including animal halters, toys for pets, sash cords.

Key properties at a glance: 

  • Twisted 3-strand construction
  • Made from natural fibres
  • Responds very well to dye
  • Poor water and rot resistance
  • Store in a dry place
  • Excellent knot stability & handling qualities

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Cotton Rope Technical Details

Diameter / Weight

Diameter Weight per 220m (kg) Weight per 110m (kg)
6mm 7.5
8mm 11
10mm 15.5
12mm 19
14mm 29
16mm 35
18mm 39
20mm 24
24mm 30
28mm 45
32mm 55


Resistance  Description
UV resistance  Good
Abrasion resistance  Poor
Rot and mould No
Chemical Poor resistance to acids, alkalis, oils and other chemicals


Properties Description
Construction Twisted 3-strand. Produced from spun cotton growing around the seeds of cotton plants
Material Natural
Appearance  Off-white colour. Smooth and slightly fuzzy 
Feel Soft and fluffy to touch
Handling  Very lightweight, tactile and comfortable to handle. Least likely to cause friction burns
Density 1.54
Strength (dry) Low tensile strength for decorative or light load applications
Strength (wet) Gets stronger by estimated 15%
Shock absorbency Poor
Elongation at break load Low: 5-10%
Stretch (elasticity) Low 
Performance in water Sinks, absorbs water, will shrink in length and expand in girth
Charring point 177°C 
Electrical conductivity High
Biodegradable  Yes
Storage Dry only
Knot retention Very good
Can be dyed? Yes – especially absorbent. Responds very well to all colours

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