Rope Handrail for Stairs (Build Your Own)

Rope handrails made to your specific requirement. Arrives ready to install. 


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Brackets Overview

Material options 100% Brass (simple polished or chrome finish)
Are brackets pre-installed?
  • If you have ordered a decorative knot, your handrail will arrive with support brackets pre-installed for you (if brackets were selected).
  • If you have not ordered a decorative knot the support brackets will arrive with your rope but not pre-installed.
Are screws included? No, the brackets only come with the central screw for the rope.
How are the brackets fixed to the wall? Drill the screws into raw plugs
How are brackets fixed?

The brackets come with a central screw.

The brackets are held into place by threading a screw through the rope fibres.  They can easily be moved along the length of the rope bannister by removing the screw.


Bracket Quantity Required


Measuring Instructions

Step 1) Tape some string along the section of the stairs where you would like fit the handrail
Step 2) Lay the string along the floor then use a measuring tape to record the length




What sizes do you have available?
The diameters available are 24mm, 28mm and 32mm. We can make the length to your specific requirements

What is the difference between natural and synthetic options?
PolyHemp is synthetic and constructed from soft textured Polypropylene fibre which has the appearance of natural fibre but is odourless.

The Flax alternative is natural, biodegradable and may have some odour that typically lasts a few weeks.  

What colours do you have?
We have natural colours such as brown and beige. Please note that colours may vary slightly from those shown on screen.

How do I add a drape?
Follow the instructions in the diagram above or simply measure the length then add 5%.  This will give you a slight drape.

Please note that a little bit of stretch will naturally occur over time.

Do stair rope bannisters comply with Building Regulations?
The current Building Regulations do not refer to rope handrails specifically.  Whilst the brackets are sturdy they may not be as strong as other types of handrails.

They will provide extra support but we would advise consulting your local Building Authority for clarification to the standards that you need.

How do I clean the material?
Use a hoover to remove dust. Wet cleaning is not advised but you can remove marks using a damp cloth and warm water and soap