Gym Climbing Rope

Gym climbing ropes are a favourite of the military, schools and gyms, and a great way to improve all-round fitness and strength. 

Our 28mm and 36mm gym climbing ropes are available in Synthetic Hemp, in a choice of 5m, 10m and 15m lengths, with hard eye splice at one end for easy installation. 

Key properties at a glance: 

  • Kind to hands with good grip qualities
  • Available in 3 ready-to-order lengths
  • Rot, mould, UV resistant for outdoor use
  • Easy to add knots, with good knot retention
  • Low stretch

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Gym Climbing Rope Technical Details

Key Info

Properties  Description

Synthetic Hemp: man-made fibre with Polypropylene base


Soft to touch and kind to hands, with hairy surface that enables good grip. 

Less likely to cause friction burns than natural fibre alternatives

Tensile strength Good. Stronger than natural fibre options.
NOTE:Strength may weaken with knotting
Stretch (elasticity) Low
Resistant to: UV, rot, water. Moderate abrasion resistance. Suitable for outdoor use
Storage Dry or wet
Ability to knot Knots easily and holds knots well


What are the health benefits of using a gym climbing rope?
It can increase strength, cardiovascular fitness and weight-loss. The muscles used include: fingers, forearms, back, shoulders, core and legs. 

How do I safely use a climbing rope?
The strength required to climb vertically using only your arms can take some time to build. However, there are ways you can safely use it as you work up to this goal. For example, the ‘S-Loop’, which involves wrapping the bottom of the rope around one leg, essentially enabling you to stand using that leg and taking some of the strain off your upper body.

What is the best diameter for climbing?
As a general rule, the thinner the rope, the easier it is to grip. If you’re new to this, start with the 28mm. The 36mm diameter will place more focus on grip strength and is more difficult. We recommend this option, if you’re more experienced.

Why is Synthetic Hemp suitable for outdoor use?
Synthetic Hemp is rot, UV and abrasion resistant. It will resist elemental factors that would normally degrade natural fibre alternatives and will last longer outdoors.


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