How to Make a Christmas Wreath

Categories DIY Updated Nov 03rd, 2022

Below, you will find step by step instructions on how to make a Christmas wreath.



  • Experience Required: Low
  • Tools Required: Hot Glue Gun, Scissors
  • Materials Required: 9 Meters of 10mm Jute Rope, 1,5m wire, 1m Jute Burlap, Clear Tape (or any kind of tape), Decorated Garland, Pinecones (optional)

STEP 1) Measure Out the Rope


  • Measure out 3 x 3 m pieces of rope.
  • Fold each one in half and lay them down next to each other.
  • You should have 3 sections with 2 strands now.


STEP 2) Braid the Ropes


  • Secure the strands to the work surface with clear tape.
  • Start braiding by taking the left section over the middle section.
  • Then take the right section and cross over the new middle section.


STEP 3) Secure the Ends Together


  • After you finish braiding the rope, secure the ends with a hot glue gun.
  • We will hide this section with ornaments later.


STEP 4) Make Wire Circles


  • Take the piece of wire and form a circle. To make it sturdier, double it


STEP 5) Glue the Wreath to the Circle


  • Glue the back of the rope wreath (choose the less aesthetic side) to the wire circle in multiple points.


STEP 6) Cut the Garland to Small Pieces


  • Take your garland and cut it into little pieces. It is best to have pieces with different length.


STEP 7) Glue Longer Pieces to the Wreath


  • Take the longer pieces and glue them to the wreath where the ends meet.


STEP 8) Glue the Smaller Pieces


  • Glue the smaller pieces to the longer pieces. Arrange them to your liking.


STEP 9) Fold the Burlap


  • Take the burlap and fold it 3 times around itself using your hand.


STEP 10) Finish the Bow


  • Tie the bow in the middle using a small piece of wire, then divide the layers and fluff the bow.


STEP 11) Glue the Bow to the Wreath


  • Glue the bow to the middle of the wreath and conceal the wire by attaching a small pinecone to it with the hot glue gun.


STEP 12) Hang Up the Christmas Wreath


  • After the glue dried, your wreath is ready to hang on your door.


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