Fundraising for The Big Cat Support Fund

Update: As lockdown still continues we decided to continue our fundraising for the Big Cat Support Fund until the end of February.

In January and February Buy Rope will be raising funds for the Big Cat Support Fund to help The Big Cat Sanctuary going through these rough times caused by lockdown.

£1 will be donated to these big cats at The Big Cat Sanctuary every time a customer leaves a review or £5 if the review includes an image.

You can read more about our monthly donations here.




As a fully registered conservation charity, The Big Cat Sanctuary relies on personal big cat experiences, overnight stays and donations to fund its conservation work.

The COVID-19 virus is placing a huge amount of pressure on their small team to find funding and continue to provide the best care for their animals. As zoos and parks have to close their gates during lockdown they now fully rely on fundings.


Big Cats Need Our Help

It costs roughly £3,000 per day to keep the sanctuary’s cats healthy and happy. Due to the lockdown the sanctuary had to close their site to all pre-booked personal experiences, overnight stays and events and many other opportunities which brought income. The sanctuary now fully relies on people’s support and funding to cover the costs of food, vet treatments and vital team members work.

“A donation of just £5 will give all our cats warm straw beds for the night and £15 would cover the costs of looking after a little cat like Nuwara the Rusty-spotted cat for a day. £25 could pay for a months bed & water for a cat, £50 covers this plus heating and medical supplements and £100 could feed one of our cats for a week.”



How can you help

If you are a customer you can help donate to the Big Cat Sanctuary by leaving us a review.

We will donate £1 to them for each review left in January and February or £5 if the review includes an image.

You can also help the sanctuary by donating here.


Total Raised

10 customer reviews were received in January and February.
2 customer reviews were received with images in January and February.

Total raised = £120

Thanks to our customers for helping us to raise funds for the Big Cat Support Fund.

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