Buy Rope Donates Ropes to Get To Know Animals to Enrich Lives of Squirrel Monkeys

In February 2023, Buy Rope contributed various sizes and cuts of rope to Get To Know Animals, the UK’s 1st fully interactive animal rescue sanctuary, situated in London. This donation was specifically aimed at enhancing the lives of squirrel monkeys Margaret, Malcolm, Kim & Aggy.

About Get To Know Animals

Get To Know Animals is not just another animal sanctuary; it’s a haven where animals find love, care, and a second chance at life. Located in the heart of London, this sanctuary prides itself on offering an interactive experience for visitors while providing a safe and nurturing environment for its residents.


About the Project

 The aim of this project was to provide the squirrel monkeys at Get To Know Animals with an enriched environment that mimics their natural habitat. By donating ropes of various sizes and cuts, Buy Rope aimed to encourage natural behaviors such as climbing, swinging, and exploration, thereby promoting physical and mental stimulation for these intelligent creatures.


Comment from Buy Rope

“At Buy Rope, we believe in giving back to our community, especially when it involves enriching the lives of animals. We are thrilled to support Get To Know Animals in their mission to provide a nurturing environment for their residents.”
Dora Pista, Campaign Executive

Images of the project

The ropes were used to create an enriching environment
The rope course was created using different sizes of rope to offer variety to the monkeys
Ropes strategically placed to encourage climbing and exploration for the squirrel monkeys
An array of ropes offering opportunities for swinging and physical activity

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