On 8th May, Buy Rope Will Donate 100% of its Profit for National Gardening Week

Buy Rope will give away 100% of our profits made on Sunday 8th May for National Gardening Week to a charity promoting gardening activities.

If you are a charity or not for profit organisation promoting gardening activities and you are in need of additional funds please follow the steps on how to apply mentioned at the bottom of this blog.



What is National Gardening Week?

National Gardening Week was created by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) with the aim of promoting gardening activities among Britain’s population. The event also focuses on raising awareness of the numerous positive effects of gardening, both on physical and mental health. The goal is to enrich the lives of people through gardening, while making the communities greener and more self-sufficient. 


Why is gardening beneficial for you?

  • According to The English Garden, gardening has a number of benefits on one’s physical health: it strengthens the muscles and the heart, increases endurance and stamina and reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. 
  • Gardening also has positive effects on mental health: it improves the mood, reduces stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety, as noted by Thrive
  • Better Health Channel highlights the benefits of gardening for people living with disabilities, providing a source of exercise, friendship, stimulation and relaxation.


What we are doing to help

100% of the profits made by Buy Rope on the 8th May will be donated to charity promoting gardening activities. 


Are you a gardening charity?

If you are a charity or not for profit organisation promoting gardening, we would love to hear from you. The application is open to any UK charity.


Please follow these steps to apply for the funds:

  • Go to our Facebook page
  • Find our post about this event
  • Share the post publicly
  • Collect as many likes as you can on your shared post until the 8th of May.


The donation will be sent to the organisation who gets the most likes on Facebook until the 8th of May. We will announce the results on the 10th of May. 



Thanks to our customers we raised £117 for Horton Community Farm.

Horton Community Farm is a 2 acre urban green space run by local people with the aim to transform into a thriving permaculture project for local food, wildlife, environmental education and horticultural therapy. They run programmes of activities for sanctuary seekers, families with 0-3’s, people with mental health problems and kids on free school meals.

Thank you for the kind donation. Very much appreciated! We had fun collecting
likes and spreading the word. The funds will be put towards a  new mower as ours broke down. We still have a way to go so any extra donations from readers are gratefully received! – Jonathan Pollard (Director)

Other ways to help their work:

  • If you would like to donate to Horton Community Farm, you can do it here.
  • They are also welcoming a volunteers, both individually or in form of corporate volunteer days. 
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