Fundraising – Feed a Cat for Christmas

In December we are going to donate a sock full of cat food and toys to cats in need for every review we receive.

We teamed up with Shropshire Cat Network for December to help families with cats in need who are in a tough position due to the pandemic. We are going to donate a sock full of cat food (biscuits, tins, pouches), treats and toys for every review we receive in December.

You can read more about our monthly donations here.



Feed a Cat for Christmas

The goal is to raise awareness that food banks need cat food too.

“Christmas this year is going to be very tough for many families. Money is tight and Food Banks are being used more than ever.

It would be cheaper to help people keep their cats by giving them cat food support, rather than people having to think about giving up their beloved family cats because they can’t afford to feed them.” – Samantha Davis


What we are doing to help

We donated a box full of cat food and treats which will be stuffed in socks and dropped off at various food banks.  We are also going to feed a cat for Christmas for every review we receive in December.


How can you help

Leave a review and we will make a donation in your name.

Prepare a sock or box full of cat food and drop it off at your closest food bank.

Donations can also be dropped off at Petworld in Oswestry or Gyrn Cottage Cattery in Selattyn.


The BuyRope team is wishing you a happy Holiday season!


Total Raised

10 customer reviews were received in December.

Total raised through reviews = 10 socks full of food and toys for cats.

Thanks to our customers for helping cats and families in need in the Holiday season!


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Timi is an enthusiastic craftsperson who likes to explore the possibilities of using ropes and cords for DIY projects. She might have gotten her knack for this material from her cat, Coconut, a real fan of all things rope, yarn or string.

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