Fundraising for Arwin and Dory to Have the Best Retirement Years

Let’s help Arwin and Dory, the senior cat sisters make the best of their retirement years!

Read on to find out their story and learn more about how you can help them!



Although they were very loved in their previous home, Arwin (dark tortoiseshell) and Dory (tortie and white) were 15 and 18 years old when their owner was sadly no longer able to care for them due to health issues, and decided to ask for help from the Band of Rescuers. So they took the two cats into their care.

“Due to their age they needed help and that was a good enough reason for us to take them into our care as soon as we had space, as that is what we at Band of Rescuers do.”

To make their senior years more enjoyable, we at Buy Rope decided to send them a box full of goodies with everything they could need, including soft food, toys and catnip, as they just love it.

You can read more about our monthly donations here.



They are now in good hands at their foster mom and dad who are giving them all the love and care they need. After things get back to normal, the shelter will be looking for a forever retirement home for the sisters.

Until then, if you want to cheer them up, or you just want to give a helping hand to this wonderful shelter, read on to see how you can help.

Send us a product review with pictures until the end of June and we’ll donate an additional £5 to their cause for every review

Donate directly to the Band of Rescuers – any kind of donation is welcome, including cat food

Share their story to help find their forever home in the near future

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