Fundraising – Feed a Cat by Leaving a Review

We are going to provide food and comfort for abandoned cats for every review we receive.

We teamed up with Life4Cats Rescue to help cats who have been abandoned and left on the streets. We are going to feed a cat for every review we receive and we will keep them warm if you include a picture of the product.

You can read more about our monthly donations here.


Month Customer Reviews Total Raised
March 6 (1 images) £61
April 19 (2 images) £77
May 7 (2 image) £65
June 5 (1 image) £59
July 3 (2 image) £61
August 5 (3 images) £67
September 5 (0 images) £53
October 1 (1 images) 2 * £55
November 2 (0 images) 2 * £52
December 1 (0 images) 2 * £51

Total donated so far = £759


About Life4Cats

This small rescue was set up to try to help and save injured cats, abandoned kittens, and offer them a chance to find a home. The organization specializes in severe cases to give a chance to the most vulnerable cats.

It was started and it is still managed by one person with a big heart who dedicated her time and energy to help and save the magnificent creature called cat.

This rescue was built to save cats who have been injured or abandoned. I started this rescue so full of hope, dedication, and sacrificed all my personal time and life for them!

– Ramona Rusu (Founder)

Images from Life4Cats



Updates from Life4Cats

Peak kitten season starts in spring so the rescue’s main task at the moment is to take care of the newborn kittens arriving into their care. Currently they have in their care 30+ newborn kittens and they are expecting more to come. Kittens require a lot of resources and attention so all the funds collected are going for their support.

A member of our team found five abandoned kittens (around 5 days old) in a box. We called Ramona from Life4Cats Rescue and she picked them up right away. The kittens are so young they need to be bottle fed so the rescue now needs more support then ever.



Thanks to the support given and for the hard work in the shelter the kittens grew a lot since their arrival. As you can see their favorite activity is playing together. With the continuous support given we hope they can live a happy and full life.


October 22nd

On October 22nd a tragedy occured at Life4Cats rescue center. One of the buildings at the shelter went up in flames and completely burned down. Luckily only two cats were injured, but the cost of the damage is very high. To support them in one of the most challenging times in the rescues history we are going to double the donations amount collected for reviews. 

The shelter needs our support more than ever, so please take a look at the section below on how you can help them in this challenging time.



How can you help

Leave a review and we will make a donation in your name.

  • If you are a Buy Rope customer, please leave a review and we will make a donation on your behalf
  • Donate directly via Paypal
  • Visit their Facebook page to check out how you can help them in other ways

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