Fundraising for the Cotton-top Tamarins: Help Protect Endangered Species

Over the months of October and November Buy Rope will be raising funds for the Battersea Park Children’s Zoo to help one of the most endangered primate species, the cotton-top tamarins.

£1 will be donated to these tiny primates each time a customer leaves a review or £5 if the review includes an image.

You can read more about our monthly donations here.



Meet the cotton-top tamarins


We decided to send them some enrichment boxes as primates need to be mentally and physically stimulated. By offering their food in different ways will keep them entertained.



The story of the cotton-top tamarins


The cotton-top tamarins arrived at the Battersea Park Children’s Zoo in 2019. They are small primates weighing less than 500gms and live in small family groups. Cotton-tops are one of the most endangered primates in the world. 

Their name arises from the white mane of hair which they can puff up when they are alarmed to make them look bigger. 

Diego and Nelly are very cheeky and can often be seen sunbathing together and grooming each other.

“Apart from eating lots of vegetables and a small amount of fruit, our cotton tops get given lots of insects as part of their diet! Having these feeders mean the mealworms can be poured over these so they crawl in all the crevices and the tamarins spend ages looking for them and picking them out to eat. This is great for enhancing natural foraging behaviours.” – Claire, Animal Manager



How to Donate


If you are a customer you can help donate to Diego and Nelly the cotton-top tamarins.

We will donate £1 to them for each review left in October and November or £5 if the review includes an image.

You can also help the zoo continue their amazing work by adopting an animal.



Total Raised



Total raised = £50


Thanks to our customers for helping us to raise funds for the Cotton-top Tamarins.


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