Blue Polypropylene (Add a Splice)

Follow the steps below to add a splice or knot to Polypropylene rope.   Polypropylene is a versatile rope that is used for a range of everyday and commercial applications.

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  • Made in Europe  (EN ISO 1346 – 2004)
  • From 39p per meter

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Total Length (Including Rope End Finish): 1cm

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Polypropylene Rope Technical Details

Diameter / Weight / Break load 

Diameter Weight per 220m (kg)
Break load (kg)*
4mm 1.5
6mm 3.7 550
8mm 6.6 960
10mm 10 1,425
12mm 14.5 2,030
14mm 20 2,790
16mm 25.5 3,500
18mm 32.5 4,450
20mm 40 5,370
22mm 48.5
24mm 57 6,500
28mm 78
32mm 101
36mm 129
40mm 158

*Break load for indication purposes only. Break loads will lower as a result of splicing and knotting.


Resistance  Description
UV resistance  Moderate 
Abrasion resistance  Moderate
Rot and mould Yes
Chemical Good resistance to most acids, alkalis. 


Properties Description
Construction Twisted 3-strand split film
Material Synthetic 
Quality certified  ISO 9002
Appearance  Blue, smooth, shiny, synthetic appearance
Feel Hard, smooth, slippy surface
Handling  Very lightweight. Flexible. Can also be softened
Density 0.91
Strength (dry) Strong, tough, durable all-round rope. Not as strong as Nylon or Polysteel
Strength (wet) Same as when dry. No loss of strength
Shock absorbency Good
Elongation at break load Moderate
Stretch (elasticity) Low
Performance in water Floats. Does not absorb water. Does not weaken or shrink when wet
Melting point 170°C 
Electrical conductivity Poor
Biodegradable  No
Storage Wet or dry environments
Knot retention Low
Can be spliced? Yes – easily
Can be cut? Yes but ends will unravel. Recommend melting ends with flame to seal them
Can be dyed? No
Can be softened? Yes – a popular method uses water and fabric softener

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