Replacement Washing Line

UK manufactured washing line replacement. Life expectancy of 5 years+

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Comparison Table

  Steel Core Rope Rotary Extra Thick Indoor
Material Steel Core / PVC Coating Plastic Plastic Plastic Cotton
Weather Proof
Life Expectancy 5-10 years 5-10 years 5-10 years 5-10 years 3-6 years
Suitable for Outdoor Use
Length 15m UP to 220m 50m 30m 30m
Strength Strong Strongest Strong Very Strong Strong
Thickness 1.5mm 4mm-12mm 3.2mm 4.8mm 5.5mm
Cleaning Wipe Wipe Wipe Wipe Wash
Made in  UK Europe UK UK UK
Colours Various Various Yellow White Natural


Washing Line Strength

All of the replacement washing lines that you find on this page are very robust.  They will easily cope with the average family laundry loads that are hung out to dry.

For very large loads of washing such as a commercial laundry, choose the thick washing line option.  

For extreme loads or DIY options, you will find a range of rope washing lines to and pulleys to choose from.