Traditional Rope

The traditional ropes on this page have been in use as far back as Egyptian times.  They are still popular today, especially for decorative uses including shop displays, arts and crafts, handrails and tv and film sets.


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Traditional Rope FAQ

What type of rope was on the old historical naval ships?

Natural Hemp also known as Flax as well as Manila was used historically on historical naval ships.  They are the most popular options used on film sets and historical TV shows.

Synthetic hemp is also popular as it looks and feels like natural hemp but it is cheaper and made from plastic so it won’t rot.  This allows it to be reused multiple times outdoors without degradation.

What do these traditional ropes feel like?

They are all made of 100% natural fibers which gives them a rough texture.  With the exception of Jute, all of the ropes on this page have a hard and fibrous feel to them.  This makes them ideal for knotting, splicing and gripping.  Jute is also made of natural fibers but it has a softer feel to it.

Will they be able to hold up heavy loads?

Yes.  Manila is available up to 60mm which holds approx 25 tonnes.  Sisal is available up to 40mm which will hold up to 10 tonnes.  Both options have been break load tested.  You will find a full selection of rope on our home page