Decorative Rope

Decorative rope used for interior design projects, landscaping and crafting, as well as commercial applications such as events and window displays.  If required, all ropes can be customised.


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Decorative Rope FAQ’s

Which rope is best for use in decorative applications?

This really depends on your own preferences. In some cases, you may be after something more traditional looking, while for others you might prefer a sleeker more synthetic modernist look. Traditionally, natural fibre ropes such as Manila, Sisal, Hemp, Jute and Cotton have been favoured for their visual appeal. For long term outdoor use however, there are great natural looking man-made options such as Synthetic Hemp which is more resilient to rot, mildew and UV.

What are some of the common decorative applications?

There are a number of designs available online. For example, you can use something thicker to make banister rails, chairs, rugs and hang shelves, while thinner options can be woven around lampshades, vases and mirrors.

How do you make a decorative rope ball?

The simplest way is to purchase a plastic or rubber ball and glue the rope around it, being sure not to leave any gaps. You might also find that applying dye (which will involve you soaking and then drying the product) will give you more variety in terms of colour and design.

Will these products be suitable outdoors?

For outdoor use we would recommend our synthetic options such as Synthetic Hemp or Staple Spun as they are rot and UV resistant.