Polypropylene Mooring Rope for Large Vessels

8 strand polypropylene mooring rope in 110m and 220m coils with 2m reinforced eyes at both ends.  Available in large diameters up to 96mm

  • Made in Europe
  • Meets UK regulatory requirements (BS EN ISO 1346:2012)
  • Delivered with a certificate of conformity

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Break Load Comparison

Diameter Break load 110m Coil Weight 220m Coil Weight
24mm 8,038 kg 27 kg 54 kg
28mm 10,710 kg 36 kg 72 kg
32mm 13,668 kg 47 kg 94 kg
36mm 17,034 kg 60 kg 120 kg
40mm 20,808 kg 73 kg 146 kg
44mm 24,786 kg 90 kg 180 kg
48mm 29,172 kg 106 kg 212 kg
56mm 38,862 kg 144 kg 288 kg
64mm 49,776 kg 188 kg 376 kg
72mm 62,016 kg 238 kg 476 kg
80mm 75,480 kg 295 kg 590 kg
96mm 106,080 kg 429 kg 858 kg


Properties Comparison 

Feel Hard / Smooth
Grip  Ok
Strength when wet No change
Stretch (elasticity) Low
Shock absorbency Very Good
Floats/Sinks Floats 
UV resistance Moderate 
Abrasion resistance  Moderate
Melting /char point 170 C
Chemical Resistance Excellent
Rot-resistant Yes
Storage  Wet or Dry
Made in Europe (Portugal)
Conforms to UK regulations BS EN ISO 1346:2012
Delivered with  Certificate of conformity