Manila Rope (Add a Splice)

Follow the steps below to add a splice or knot to Manila rope.  Manila rope is visually impactful and frequently used in decorative and landscaping applications.

Please allow 5 working days for delivery 

  • 100% natural (Grade 1 Manila)
  • Break load certified
  • From 52p per meter

Full product details

  • £10.59 inc. VAT
    Diameter : 40mm
    Length : Sold by Meter
    Break load : 11625 KG
    Break Load Certified? : Yes
    Safe Working Load : 1661 kg
    Material : Manila
    Construction : Twisted 3 strand
    Colour : Brown
    Stretch : Low elasticity
    Abrasion resistance : Poor
    UV Resistance : Good
    Biodegradable : Yes
    Melting Point : Does not melt
    Charring Point : 177C
    Rot Resistant : No
    Swells When Wet : Yes
    Strength: Wet vs Dry : Increase 10%
    Acid Resistance : Poor
    Alkali Resistance : Good
    Density : 1.38
    Floats? : No
    Handling : Hard & Fibrous
    Odour : Faint Earthy
    Treated With : Mineral Oil Mix
    Safe for Animals : Unknown
    Knot Retention : Very Good
    Ease of Splicing : Very Good
    Manufactured In : Philippines










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Total Length (Including Rope End Finish): 1cm

Price each:

Total price:



Manila Rope Technical Details

Ordering the right amount of rope

As a natural fibre rope, Manila will shrink when wet and lengthen once dry. When calculating the length you need, factor in an additional 10% to your order.

Note: The diameter of the rope is measured during manufacture whilst the rope is under tension. Natural ropes may therefore have a slightly larger diameter than stated.

Diameter / Weight / Break load 

Diameter Weight per 220m (kg) Break load (kg)*
6mm 6 295
8mm 12 515
10mm 15 794
12mm 23 1,132
14mm 31 1,520
16mm 42 1,969
18mm 48 2,478
20mm 61 3,040
22mm 73 3,662
24mm 88 4,334
28mm 117 5,834
32mm 154 7,556
36mm 169 9,494
40mm 242 11,625

*Break load for indication purposes only. Not test certified. Break loads will also lower as a result of splicing and knotting.


Resistance  Description
UV resistance  Good
Abrasion resistance  Poor
Rot and mould No
Chemical Poor resistance to acids. Good resistance to alkalis


Properties Description
Construction Twisted 3-strand, natural fibre rope made from the leaves of the Abacá, relative of the banana plant, native to the Philippines
Material 100% natural Grade 1 Manila
Quality certified  EN ISO 1181 – 2004
Appearance  Rich golden dark brown. Textured with course, stiff hairs
Feel Hard, course & hairy. Not soft or smooth 
Handling  Good flexibility. Rougher on the hands than Jute. Sheds hairs. May have some odour
Density 1.38
Strength (dry)

Good. Stronger than Sisal. Half strength of comparable size synthetics

Shock absorbency Poor
Elongation at break load Low
Stretch (elasticity) Low
Performance in water Sinks, will shrink in length and expand in girth when wet. Good natural resistance to salt water damage
Charring Point



Will be greater the first time it is wet.

Consider immersing in water, then drying rope out before first use so shrinkage is less than it would be if it had never been wet

Electrical conductivity High
Biodegradable  Yes
Storage Dry only
Knot retention Very good. Note – knots become harder and more difficult to untie when wet
Can be spliced? Yes – easily
Treatment Has been treated with mineral oil

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