Bailing Twine

Bailing twine manufactured with rot-resistant polypropylene which will last for a long time when exposed to the outdoor environment.  Also available in Sisal which is made from natural materials which will biodegrade over time.


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  • £12.99 inc. VAT
    Diameter : 3mm
    Length : 268m
    Break load : Unknown
    Break load tested? : No
    Material : Polyethylene
    Construction : Braided
    Colour : Green
    Stretch : Low elasticity
    Abrasion resistance : Good
    UV Resistance : Moderate
    Biodegradable : No
    Melting Point : 140C
    Charring Point : Does not char
    Rot Resistant : Yes
    Acid Resistance : Good
    Alkali Resistance : Good
    Density : 0.95
    Floats? : Yes
    Handling : Hard & Smooth
    Manufactured In : Europe


Baler Twine FAQ

What is baling twine?

Baling twine is a type of cord or string which is wrapped around farm material such as hay and then tied to make a “bale”.  

What diameter should I use?

3mm is very strong and is recommended for the largest bales. For smaller bales 1.5mm to 3mm twine is suitable 

Will the twine rot over time?

The twine on this page made from Polyethylene and Polypropylene will not rot when exposed to the outdoor environment

Do the strands untwist when it is cut?

No.  The twine has a braided construction not a twisted construction.  This means that when it is cut it won’t unravel unless someone intentionally pulls the threads apart with some force.  The twine is made from plastic so it is also possible to melt the end of the twine with a flame.

Will they hold a knot well?

Yes, all of the twines will hold a knot.  Sisal twine will hold a knot better than Polyethylene due to its texture.